STEEL is what connects the main core of artists in the WerkStatt44 – we all work with this multifaceted material, each of us exploring it in a different way.
From massive kinetic creatures by KAI, to vibrating anatomically correct dancers by Peter Schütze, to intricate structures and wild beasts build from small particles by VELA, to street art combining spray paint with rust and bluing by CAZ.L ….

We also constantly collaborate with dancers, musicians, Djs, video artists, performance artists, painters, installations makers… They inspire us in our creative process and we inspire them, offering them our workshop and our steel creations as a playground, as a space and time in which they can unfold they own creativity, go wild in an open-for-everything environment, interact with our art and create new forms of art, a new alloy coming out of the creative melting pot called WerkStatt44!